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Increase property value and curb appeal by rejuvenating your pavers. Our products used are environmentally safe, and our sealer contains algae and mold inhibitors which dries in *hours* not days.Give us a call today to schedule free estimate!!! New Image Paver Sealing has been servicing Tampa Bay with cleaning and sealing of concrete, paver, brick, travertine. The following is a list of services that we may offer to your home or business.Preparation and Cleaning is the most essential step to all projects. We pressure clean and use "Green Friendly" products to remove harsh stains and imperfections. After our sealant is applied and allowed to fully dry it is near impossible to remove any stains or filth left behind. That is why this is the longest and most labor intensive portion of any job. After a full inspection of the cleaned surface an evaluation is performed to determine if the surface needs to be recolored or is acceptable to seal.Sealing - a must for most concrete, paver and natural stone surfacesReasons for sealingProtects your investment!Maintains structural rigidity of surface so paver's don't shift or become looseProtects from harmful UV and rain damage which can wear away color and expose aggregatePrevents stain penetration and tire markingsResists mold, mildew and algaeInhibits weed growthEasy maintenanceGives your pavers a clean, finished look without making it slippery